The Balloon Man

New Adult Romance 

Carla Trueheart

In the springtime, park-goers hear the familiar squeaks of his balloon cart as he moves along the paths. He hands out free balloons, choosing the perfect colors and imparting advice and wisdom. There’s a touch of magic there—an answered question with each balloon, a changed expression with each color—but only Cammie York sees the full picture. She journals about him obsessively, afraid to ask him for a balloon, until one day she does. Then, The Balloon Man moves from her fairytale stories of him to real-life person . . . a person with faults and mysteries.

When The Balloon Man tucks the ribbon of a pink balloon into Cammie’s hand, she feels the spark of a new adventure. Cammie insists his balloons are magic, especially when she learns The Balloon Man does not know his father but has one clue to his identity—a green spiral magic symbol. The clues to The Balloon Man’s identity lead onward, to an enchanted inn with magic wallpaper, then to a secret underworld of true magicians. During the journey, Cammie and The Balloon Man begin to fall in love, sharing pink balloons of romance, red balloons of love. But when The Balloon Man finally accepts his destiny as true magic man, the two learn that the magic that has brought them together is also what may tear them apart.