On February 29, 2024, the entire world wakes up remembering their past lives. While most of the world recalls their past lives through only a few vivid dreams, teenagers Malina, Dante, and Adam remember nearly twenty dreams each, making them instant standouts on social media. US officials ask each American to post their dream count on a social media site called Maxitt, dividing each person into online groups. As members of a rare group called Diamonds, Malina, Dante, and Adam are whisked off to what they believe is a government facility, only to learn the truth—someone is behind the Leap Day episode, and they are being held against their will in a cult-like facility that has nothing to do with the US government. 

In Progress . . .

In the summer of 1988, on their last day of eleventh grade, childhood friends Kyle, Brandon, and Vanessa make a pact. As a tribute to their friendship, they each place their most valued possession inside a yellow Tupperware bowl, seal it, and bury it beneath the tallest pine tree at Blueberry Pond, their neighborhood hangout. The friendship pact is secret, and they vow to never dig the Tupperware bowl up again, no matter what.

Twenty years later, the friends have gone their separate ways, and each one is enduring a difficult life struggle. Kyle is battling alcoholism, Brandon is in the midst of losing his business and his home, and Vanessa is going through a messy divorce that has left her family in turmoil. It is during this time of struggle that each one realizes they desperately need the one item they left behind in the Tupperware bowl, years ago at Blueberry Pond. That one item, they each believe, will pull them through. But in the quest to recover their lost items, the friends find something more valuable: a friendship among them that has stood the test of time, a romance between Kyle and Vanessa that never truly died, and the memories of a carefree youth they’d long ago forgotten. 

​Release Date: April 10, 2017


Leap Year Reincarnates

YA Sci-Fi

Carla Trueheart​

Stories of Young Love and Life Quests 

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