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Release Date: April 10, 2017

Back to Blueberry Pond: Behind the Scenes

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  • The manuscript for Back to Blueberry Pond was started in 2012, which is why the story takes place during the recession years. The original draft gathered much interest from literary agents, but went through many re-writes before landing with World Castle Publishing in 2016
  • The idea was inspired by a song called "20 Years" by The Civil Wars, as well as my desire to do an 80's themed book with a unique take on time capsules. The setting was partially inspired by my old neighborhood growing up
  • Some of the original ideas for items in the Tupperware Bowl included a doll, a VHS tape, clothes, perfume, an old phone, and a prayer card
  • The exact street, town, and location of Blueberry Pond was intentionally left out of the book so it could be anyone's neighborhood
  • Below is a picture I drew of Blueberry Pond and the surroundings. I am not a good artist :)

  • ​​The scene when Vanessa spills her purse at Carmella's Restaurant was inspired by the song "Same Old Lang Syne" by Dan Fogelberg
  • ​Kyle and Vanessa's song, "(I Just) Died in Your Arms," references the diary by the bedside table
  • In the original draft, Vanessa was the manager of Express
  • ​Some names originally given to Vanessa's character were Leah, Kendra, Autumn, and Morgan (Morgan was chosen as her sister's name, although we never see her sister in the book)
  •  Kyle and Brandon were almost named Grant and Cameron. I Googled "Popular 80's Names" and made a list. Finally, I decided on Kyle and Brandon
  • Originally, the friends met up through Facebook
  • Ava was not in the original draft. Kyle's girlfriend was named Tess Harding, but her character was never seen in the book
  • The opening paragraphs of the first draft described Kyle as "the depressive outcast" and Brandon as "the studious altruist"

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