A Love Story 

In the summer of 1988, on their last day of eleventh grade, childhood friends Kyle, Brandon, and Vanessa make a pact. As a tribute to their friendship, they each place their most valued possession inside a yellow Tupperware bowl, seal it, and bury it beneath the tallest pine tree at Blueberry Pond, their neighborhood hangout. The friendship pact is secret, and they vow to never dig the Tupperware bowl up again, no matter what . . .

Nostalgic Literary Fiction

Edgy and Fun YA

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For sixteen-year-old Shaw Huntley, a normal day includes running from two men who want to kill him. Shaw has a dark ability: using only the power of his mind, and visualizing a specific gold and jeweled dagger, he can telekinetically cut or slice objects. If he gets angry enough, he can even cut people. Unfortunately, the two men chasing him murdered his father in search of the physical gold dagger currently in Shaw’s possession—and they will stop at nothing to track him down and obtain it.

Cammie York is obsessed. She follows The Balloon Man from park to park in the springtime, journaling her experiences, drawn in by the alluring mystery. Who is he? Why does he hand out free balloons? Why do people seem to change when given certain color balloons?