2016 International Book Awards: The Ritual of the Four


Carla Trueheart is the award-winning author of the young adult fantasy novel The Ritual of the Four and the literary fiction novel Back to Blueberry Pond.


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Fall 2017

 5-Star Editorial Review:Back to Blueberry Pond

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Spring 2017

Back to Blueberry Pond available now!

To rectify current life struggles, three childhood friends attempt to unearth buried treasures from a friendship pact made in their youth . . .

Copies of The Ritual of the Four and Back to Blueberry Pond are being left in public locations around Connecticut by The Book Fairies!

Summer 2017

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 Silver Seal Award

 5-Star Editorial Review: The Ritual of the Four


Carla Trueheart​

Stories of Young Love and Life Quests