2016 International Book Award Winner

Unleash the power within: Shaw Huntley possesses a deadly ability and a coveted dagger, but will he risk it all to reclaim his life and find love in a world of danger?​

Carla trueheart

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balloon man


ritual of the four



In a world where balloons hold secrets and love intertwines with enchantment, Cammie York embarks on a journey to unravel the mysteries of The Balloon Man, but as their connection deepens, they discover that the very magic that brought them together may also be what tears them apart.

In a divided future America, a forbidden love threatens to ignite a war. Eldree, a young peacekeeper, must navigate treacherous waters of duty and desire as she fights to protect her heart and preserve the fragile peace between the Unifieds and the Solitaries.​

Step right up and experience the thrills and chills of Anlizar's Carnival! But be warned, the rides aren't just electrifying, they're life-changing. When the carnival comes to town, seventeen-year-old Wyler Bells sees a chance to escape his tragic past and boring present, but he soon discovers the price of admission may be his very soul.